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Luxury and Nature Meets Ancient Empiric Beauty Formulations

The Ultimate Youth Elixir 

AthanaSia youth elixirs and the preparations of this profound skin care line is developed from the highest standard of natural ingredients derived from potent beauty formulas of plants, botanicals, herbs, and nature's sweet gifts of natural Ancient beauty oils.  All these legendary ingredients contain high antioxidant and essential fatty acids and nutrients. Introducing these sweet sun kissed ingredients, which are natures pure gifts for your skin.

These blessings will enrich, fortify your skin and whole being with high antioxidant properties through these majestic Ancient preparations. 

This is the purest form of beauty coming from Mother Nature. Nothing compares to the divine rich benefits that have been provided to us naturally. This is the key to Eternal Beauty.  

Man-made ingredients do not belong in our body or on our skin. Ancient civilizations weren't using anything man-made for a good reason, due to the fact there is no comparison to the raw illuminating purity of nature’s gifts to drench and feed our skin.  AthanaSia formulations have high concentrated nutrient effects and the best moisturizing agents for your skin.

These handcrafted elixirs hydrate, replenish and revitalize the skin. They protect and keep the skin elasticity strong and healthy, naturally preventing wrinkles thus revitalizing you skin. AthanaSia elixir is the ultimate anti-aging formula all in one. The result from quenching and fortifying your skin with our formulas, is an illuminatingJuicy Glow. 

These legendary ingredients build your skin stronger to defy the aging process.  

By ultimately strengthening and delivering key natural ingredients that your skin and body recognize and long for, it is providing a divine accomplished glow.

A botanically active blend of cold pressed, powerhouse,  superfood seed oils and botanicals. Nourishes skin with critical antioxidants and vitamins, essential amino acids, omega 3/6/9, natural UV shields and natural anti inflammatory agents for a luminous radiant complexion.

Vitamin A and C help hydrate the skin and increase collagen, with antioxidants which protect from free radicals.  Your skin simply drinks it up, leaving skin hydrated, protected and baby soft for an obsession worthy Glow.

The Ultimate anti aging youth formula referred to as "Liquid Gold". The all natural luxury skin line made of Legendary ingredients was inspired by Ancient Grecian times. A time when they were known to use the most potent effective beauty rituals to sustain and reveal their Ultimate youth!

Used by the elite of ancient civilizations such as Aphrodite the goddess of beauty and love, the iconic Cleopatra and the Adonis looking Spartans. They would drench themselves with the same formulations to honor Zeus and attain that God/Goddess level of youth status.  

AthanaSia Elixirs are infused with a blessed healing oil from an exclusive island in Greece known for their miracles.  This potent formulation contains the most powerful elements nature has provided, resulting in the legendary mixture of these selected treasures.  

The Goddess and Adonis Elixirs are available to you now, so you too can get that youthful, radiant  accomplished healthy glow of the Gods and Goddesses!

For the Adonis Men

Men have skin too! As it's a priority that men want to show their best selves and look good. They present themselves as the Adonis in business and in personal life they want to look their best. The face boys.. Is where it's at! The face is your calling card to the world. It's the first thing a person sees. You only have one so take care of it !!  Great for men after shaving, perfect to prevent razor burns and to relieve redness.  Great for the eyes, tired, dark circles, keeps you youth full and the Adonis you are! 
Men drench this All over your arms, chest, for that Adonis glow to showcase the body you work out so hard for. Feed it the nutrients on the outside to complete your look.

The Spartan men were known to apply olive oil to their bodies to keep their muscles intact and accentuate their form.

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