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Athana Sia

The Founder & Formulator

AthanaSia   The name meaning "Immortal". Named after my grandmother whom passed down her wisdom and her passion for beauty formulations . Inheriting all of her unique beauty tonics and skincare formulas.  

As I grew up, I knew I wanted to create a modern luxury skin care line inspired by the ancient formulas I was taught. Skin art that expressed these powerful influences.

To me, skin care is a fine marriage of ancient wisdom and beauty and when done well it pays tribute to all that has gone on before in Ancient times.

This includes studying nutritional impacts of foods and herbs for the body and skin, finding the best ways to beauty detox and attain that youthful glow that will last forever.

Researching beauty and nutrition and the impact it has on our bodies has always been a passion of mine. With great enthusiasm, I created the best regime and preparations from a young age. 


Going to Greece regularly was the most magical and inspirational foundation for this skin line.  The essence of Greece is part of my soul.  Indulging in Mythology,the Mediterranean ocean, the white walled houses on the islands, the ancient botanicals and earthen minerals.  Memories of bringing my beauty health and skin books to read and study as we boated from island to island, and soaking in all my grandmother's advice. Grandmother and I would make homemade beauty masks, beauty tonics and elixir,s a great memory in Greece I will treasure forever. 


For more than 20 years practicing medical esthetics with doctors and involved with the most exclusive spas in the world, with a huge clientele from the performing arts, and celebrities, a following grew.    The information and knowledge I learned all these years and from the greatest sources in my life was the foundation of the AthanaSia skincare line.  Being in front of cameras and the creator of this enchanting formulation, I live as an exemplar of the importance of feeling and looking your best. To project that out to the world, that luminous healthy skin, is important. You only have one face in this life, so you have to take care of's your hello to the world, and it speaks your feelings from the inside out.

For some, their skin needs just a little help. Often, the only problem is a dull to their sparkle. I create my products with love, blessings and with ingredients of the Gods & Goddesses. All the goodness in my heart and my years of experience gives others the confidence in their highest self, inside and out. This has always been important to me because I know how each of our shared heartfelt gifts can impact another's life. Making a human being's inner light shine bright to the world is what made this my part of my divine purpose. Naturally the next step in my calling was making my preparations available to all. It was meant to be. The special face tonics and elixirs created from my grandmother's skin formulas are now available to the world. My vault of knowledge, ideas, research, and beauty rituals are now bottled for you. 

Love ,

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