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Homer referred to olive oil as “Liquid Gold” 
Hippocrates referred to olive oil as the 
“Great Healer”

Olive oil had many uses in ancient Greece, differing according to social status. Olive oil was also a valuable medicine in the hands of ancient Greek doctors.

Women washed the body and anointed it with olive oil or scented oils.  

The ancient Greeks called the olive oil "The Elixir of Life".

Why Homer referred to olive oil as “Liquid Gold”

Olive oil has been the fountain of great wealth and power, anointing the noblest of heads throughout history. it was used to produce both medicine and cosmetics:

Homer was a 850 BCE Greek author - he wrote of its enchantment

Hippocrates, 460-361 BC Father of Medicine, Declared

“Olive oil is the Great Healer”

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

Within the Hippocrates code, over sixty medical uses of olive oil can be found,

the most common are mainly for healing of dermatological diseases.

Also, olive oil is the base of the Hippocrates diet, in combination of course,

with wine and bread. In his book "Dietology and Therapies,"

Hippocrates mentions that: “Using oil in winter helps the body remain warm,

because it stops the heat from escaping your body.

In summer when you mix oil with water and rub it on your body,

it nourishes it and prevent overheating.”

Ancient Minoan uses of olive oil In Minoan times

Olive oil was used as food and in cosmetics. Excavations in Mycenae revealed a list of aromatics (mint, rose, juniper, sesame etc.) which were added to olive oil in the preparation of ointments. It was also a significant trading commodity between Crete and neighboring countries. Cretans have been making olive oil continuously ever since Minoan times - so it is fair to say they know what they are doing!

The Spartans 


The Spartans as with everything put their military above all, and their food and diet was no different. Their theory on food meant that they ate to be strong and healthy, and not to over indulge.

The Spartan soldiers rubbed olive oil onto their skin before athletic events to accentuate the male form.  

Ancient Greeks also used olive oil to give Olympic athletes body massages that reduced muscle fatigue and improved flexibility, which helped prevent sports injuries.  these olive oil massages can keep skin soft, supple and smooth as well as promote strong bones and joints.

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